MESCO's Solar Solutions

Harnessing solar power as an alternative energy source is hardly a new idea. However, it has only recently been made readily available to the public on both a supply and an economically feasible platform. If you want to decrease your building's carbon footprint via photovoltaic technology, Mesco has two innovative solar solutions: Crystalline and Thin Film.

Our flexible Thin Film application is a lightweight module that can adhere to your Mesco roof panel. Its thin silhouette means it remains discreet while working in tandem with the Mesco metal roof system to help increase your building's efficiency.

Mesco's glass-based Crystalline Silicon application is a rigid module that affixes to your Mesco standing seam roof system with the help of a unique non-penetrating clamp assembly. What the crystalline system takes up in mass, it makes up for in efficiency as it has the higher energy conversion rate.

Not sure if you qualify for national, state, local and privately funded incentive/grant programs? Mesco has the solution. We can access all benefits that apply to you, both public and private, based on your state, city and county. This gives you the power to make the informed and responsible decisions regarding your project and your environment.

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(Glass-Based Crystalline Silicon Application)

Thin film
(Flexible Thin Film Application)